A man, a plan, a saxophone: The end of the beginning of a career.

You see the title of this blog post? It's a terrible sentence. The structure, the phrasing, the punctuation; none of this would be allowed in academic writing. Alas, this is a blog, not a doctoral document. That is what I have just finished, and that is what makes this the end. The end of the beginning. Or maybe the beginning of the beginning? I'm not entirely sure, but you can be sure that this particular chapter of my life is about to move towards something drastically different.

This past week, my wife Pagean and I have successfully defended our doctoral documents, and will be graduating in May, receiving our doctorates in Music Performance. It's all very exciting, we're very happy to be moving towards something new. We've also got no idea what will come next for us. Invariably, the question comes at us from all angles. Friends, family, colleagues: they all want to know what is next on the horizon. The simple truth of the matter is that at this point, we've got no idea.

I'm at the end. The end of the beginning of my career. After so many years of school, it's time to figure out where to go next. I've worked hard, and I've had so many amazing opportunities to make music with amazing performers, both in the universities I've been lucky enough to attend (Rowan University, Illinois State University, and finally Louisiana State University), and in my professional career thus far. While I've got no idea where exactly I'll end up in the coming months, I know that wherever it is I'll be making music, and music is most excellent. 

I've decided to begin to chronicle my musical journey. If you are one of the four or five folks that check out my website on an annual basis, you will be subject to my musings on the saxophone, the music that I perform on it, and the intricacies of said music. Also, I'll perhaps discuss how this music works within my own life. It's sure to be slightly entertaining, and mostly informative. 

Thanks for reading this inaugural post. I hope it's been both pleasantly interesting and curiously eccentric. As far as my current musical musings, I'm excited about the publication of my forthcoming doctoral document, "Charles Ruggiero's Tenor Attitudes: An Analytical Approach to Jazz Styles and Influences." I also will be wrapping up my final semester here at LSU performing some great tunes with the LSU Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Combos, while continuing my professional performances with some fine groups in the Baton Rouge area, including Beacuoup Boogie, New World Funk, Cold Grits, and Questionable @ Best. All of these groups contain great musicians and people, and have been a big part of shaping my musical journey over the past few years.

Much love.